Quality of Life. Health and Nutrition

Atlas in Russian and English languages

Authors: Tutelyan, V.A., Nikityuk, D.B., Buriak, D.A., Akolzina, S.E., Baturin, A.K., Pogozheva, A.V., Kambarov, A.O., Kishko, O.N., Abalina, A.L., Slobodyanina, M.S., translated by Kishko, O.N.

The book can be purchased online through Medknigaservis.

This Russian-English publication is the first graphical guide to the quality of life in Russia. More than 170 graphs clearly demonstrate the Russian standard of quality of life in the context of various socio-demographic characteristics and in comparison with the indicators of quality of life in other countries.

Parameters of the quality of life of the Russian population are presented in the atlas in conjunction with the health and functioning indicators, as well as the assessment of actual nutrition. The quality of life, health and nutrition is studied using the methodology of the World Health Organization (WHO) and in cooperation with WHO.

Along with the results of the study, the atlas demonstrates the work of the Internet website, through which data collection is carried out. Each user of the website can repeatedly (free of charge and anonymously) go through the research, see the results on quality of life, health and nutrition in interactive mode and study their dynamics.

The book will be of interest to health care organizers, nutrition specialists, medical professionals, sociologists, economists, as well as a wide range of readers.